Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How bad cache data in the DNS effected iPhones

This isn't really about web programming but it's the sort of annoying thing that might have an effect on any website your running in the craziest way.

Imagine the problem, all your clients can see your websites or so you think. Then you notice that if your iphone is connecting via 3g then your website is inaccessible. Everything works on wireless though. This happened to me recently and it wasn't just my iPhone. Other websites (including ones that are in the parent domain to mine) where all accessible. It was crazy !

So I downloaded an app iNetFactory that allowed ne to do nslookup, this showed that the site in question could not be resolved in the DNS. Other sites running off the same dns server where resolving just fine. This was puzzling.

To cut a long story short, after peering at the DNS configuration (its a windows dns server) I decided to look at the servers cache. To do this on a windows DNS box you'll need to open dnsmgmt and click on view/advanced. drilling down to my parent domain I noticed that the cache contained an entry for my domain (which it shouldn't). The entries in this where valid, but incorrect. I decided to nuke the cache (right click on Cached Lookups and choose clear cache). This cured the problem.

It's not pretty and I'm not sure how the bad entry got in there but I've reports from other iPhone users that the sites are now back and accessible. It's possible this was a case of cache poisoning or possibly a machine with an old entry (it did resemble an old entry) had managed to do it.

I'm keeping an eye on it !

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